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Your Medical Encyclopaedia contains detailed comprehensive illustrated information on 400+ medical conditions, which would fill more than 1000 pages of a standard medical text. All information in this encyclopaedia is current and has been cross-referenced with a number of highly reputable sources (see data source). This information is presented under the following headings for easy access;

-Disease Description. A clear and concise description of the disease including pathophysiology, incidence, complications and causes. Information is presented in a simple easy to understand format without sacrificing accuracy or detail. Explanations of disease processes are assisted by the appropriate use of illustrations and diagrams.
-Signs and Symptoms. A complete description of all the signs and symptoms associated with each disease.
-Investigations. A detailed list of recommended investigations which may be used to make a diagnosis. This includes laboratory tests, radiography, imaging, surgery and all other relevant investigations
-Treatment. A comprehensive and detailed description of current recommended treatments, including dosages for most medications
-Patient Management. Things the patient can do to assist in treatment where applicable.

Most medical information accessible to the general public is either over simplified and of questionable value, or too complicated to understand. The objective when compiling this encyclopaedia was too strike a middle ground, so that the information was presented in a way that could be understood by the general public and contained enough accurate and detailed information to satisfy health care providers or members of the medical profession.

This software was designed to assist members of the public with their healthcare by providing easy access to an accurate source of comprehensible medical information. Other individuals or groups which would benefit from the use of this software include;

-Patients with an exiting medical condition can access simple detailed illustrated explanations of their condition with the click of a button. They can also obtain information on the appropriate diagnostic tests and procedures which should be used to confirm the diagnosis and check their medication in the treatment section.

-Patients who are newly diagnosed will be better able to understand their condition and will be well informed about upcoming diagnostic tests and procedures and the different forms of treatment currently available.

-Medical practitioners can refresh their memory from the 400+ diseases in the database or quickly obtain a list of recommended diagnostic tests or procedures.

-Allied health professionals can use the software to quickly obtain simple accurate and detailed descriptions of medical conditions they may not be familiar with so that they can better contribute to patient care

-Medical students can gain rapid access to a vast collection of readily available medical information at a fraction of the cost of medical text books. They will also appreciate the simple yet detailed disease descriptions, with coloured illustrations and the comprehensive list of diagnostic tests and treatments.

Data Source
All of the medical data used to compile this software was extracted, cross-referenced or summarised from a number of highly reputable sources including:

-Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine 16th Edit.
-The Merck Manual 18th Edit.
-Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine 6th Edit.
-Murtagh's General Practice
-Medscape's eMedicine

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